December 4, 2007

First Weekend away from Maggie

I'll upload pictures later, but here's how the first weekend away from Maggie went:

I dropped off Maggie Friday morning at Dixie's, after first backing into our friends' car. Nice! I was SO frazzled getting her ready to go I totally forgot it was behind me. Ug. Not a great way to start off the weekend. I drop her off at Dixie's, and she was not concerned at all that Mama was going away. She said a quick "bye-bye Mommy" and was ready to play with Dixie.

We had a great weekend in Gatlinburg (for you Washington folks, it's kinda like Leavenworth WITHOUT the quaintness, and way too much cheese) with old and new friends in the nicest cabin I've ever been in.

Sunday afternoon I was SO ready to see Maggie. We pick her up at Dixie's and she's still taking a nap. I wake her up, and she rolls over as says "Teecee"(Dixie). Doesn't even care that Mommy is back after a weekend. I tell her Daddy is here, too, and she jumps off my lap and runs over to him. Needless to say, she totally didn't miss Mommy. I guess that is a good thing, but I am sure glad to be back and have my baby.

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