December 18, 2007

a second batch of Seattle pics

Niki had these great pictures on her blog. I copied them. You can check out her blog, too - and read all the very nice things she had to say about me by clicking on The Spanglers link below left. Again, it was so awesome to see her and her family, and to get to share in her sister's wedding. The whole thing was such a blessing to me. So mush fun with the Stevens girls!

Us after the wedding. This one turned out a lot better than me holding the camera for ourselves.
Us and our girls at church. Niki says Addie never sucks her thumb. How funny is that? Maggie quite often gets other kids to do her bidding. Ha! I would also like to point out that they both have the "ow! that flash is bright squint" on their faces. We hid out in the cry room so we didn't have to plunk them in a foreign nursery. It went pretty well, actually. I got to hear most of the message that morning.


kimi said...

We love you too! You are some good stuff chicka. Can't wait ot see you in a little over a week! cry room sound good? ;)

Linda Wilson said...

Maggie is so adorable....hope to get a minute with you 3 when you are in Seattle next week. And Melissa, the flowers turned out just gorgeous!! So proud of you and your are so talented.