December 18, 2007

Friday Play Group Christmas Party

Most Friday mornings Maggie and I head to the gym at our church after going to the real gym bright and early. It is a really fun time of playing and fellowship with other moms in our church. We did a small gift and cookie exchange for Christmas. Here are some pictures from the event:

Can you believe all the munchkins are facing/looking forward? I snapped this in the one second where they were all obeying. From Left the Right: Maggie, John, Jake, Zayli, Aaralyn.
Maggie's SO CUTE Peruvian princess outfit that Poppy & Mimie got her last year for her birthday. You can't see the shirt under the vest, but it is a girl with a llama - appropriate since Poppy & Mimie have 40+ llamas on their farm now. This outfit was the main reason I bought that darn cute boots!

And a link to my dad's llama farm website, click here.

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Sonja said...

Mmmm llama farm. Now that I started knitting, I can *really* appreciate the beautiful fiber! What do they do with it? Any spare stuff laying around? ;)