May 20, 2008

In which I demonstrate how NOT to make chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

Recently I had a craving for chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, thanks to Meredith at Like Merchant Ships. So after Maggie hit the sack one night last week I got to work. I had been saving my last bag of Ghiradelli double chocolate chips for a special occasion, and this seemed like the perfect time. Boy, was I wrong and I still miss those chocolate chips!

Now, everyone who really knows me knows that I am just too ditsy for words sometimes. I RUINED the entire batch of dough! Once I forgot to hit start on my timer and cooked them to blackened hockey-pucks, the second batch I also forgot the timer and cooked every last lovin' bit of moisture out of them, but didn't burn them, and the last batch I took out too soon and they were too too mushy. Good grief Charlie Brown! The burned ones had to be chucked. The dry ones and the mushy ones did end op getting eaten, but not by Maggie. I gave her a piece of one of the dry ones - she took one bite, grimaced, declared it was yucky and marched over to the trash can with it. Ha! I will be scouring my Sunday ads for coupons so I can get another bag of those chips - they are to die for!

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