May 2, 2008

Messy Faces of Maggie

Yesterday was "Messy Face Day", not May Day as many of you might think. In the morning, Maggie got into my lipstick. She proudly announced "Mommy, I put chap-chaps my face" which is translated: Mommy, I put chapstick on my face. I have to say, I love her bright eyes in this photo. It's very Paula Deen.

At lunch, she had spaghetti (all by herself) but I didn't take a picture because she's always messy with that ... but then for a snack I gave her a slice of fresh bread with peanut butter. I'm not sure HOW peanut butter ended up on her face from ear to ear, but she was pretty pleased about it. Note her snarky nose. She's been doing that a lot lately - scrunching up her nose. I just love it.

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