May 28, 2008

New Purchase: Bouncy Ball

I forgot I took these pictures. Monday, Memorial Day, it rained most of the day, so we didn't do anything outdoors. We did, however, make a trip to Toys R Us in search of a bouncy ball. You know - the kind you sit on and hold on to the handle and bounce around on? Our church has two that we use at Mother's Day Out, and Maggie just loves to play on them.

It turns out they are great for IN the house as well as out. I think Maggie hopped around the rec room and kitchen for about an hour on it! The weather has really been nice for some time now, so she is really used to being outside to play, getting cooped up in the house is not her cup of tea.

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Valarie said...

Thanks for the response on the nose piercing thing. I totally agree, hard convincing a bull headed 17 almost 18 year old that though. :) I am thinking you are in Nashville, so I am about an hour and a half from you.