May 14, 2008

Tricycles and Patent-Leather Shoes

Here's a clip of Maggie riding her tricycle. She's got it down now where she can start from a stand-still 100% of the time now, and can go more than a couple of feet. Riding her tricycle gives her a lot more stuff to do when we're outside now, which is really nice! Sorry for the motherly encouragement in the middle of the clip, I caught her as she was winding up playing on it.

The patent-leather shoes make a loevly fashion statment with her pritned t-shirt and knit capris, don't you think? They are her dress shoes that she insists on wearing all the time, probably because I don't make her wear them ever (they were for her winter dresses). I had to take her out in public in that outfit yesterday, I was mortified. =)

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