January 6, 2008

Christmas in Seattle, Part 3

Sorry this is REALLY late. We got home very late on the 3rd - and don't EVER try to fly anywhere on time from Chicago Midway. It just doesn't happen. Our flight was supposed to land in Nashville at 9:45. We didn't even leave Chicago until 10:15 or so. ...

Anyway, our last family Christmas was my Dad's side of the family, the DeWaard's. We all gathered at my Auntie Bon's and Uncle Les' house in Oak Harbor. The only real traditions here are a seafood bonanza and name gifts. I ate lots of salmon, grilled oysters, steamed clams, salmon dip, shrimp, homemade clam chowder. YUM YUM! I was too busy scarfing to take a picture of the glorious spread, sorry.

Zach, Annica and Maggie playing during gifts. Hey, lookie here. A picture of me, and a good one! Shown is my current hair style and color (subject to change without notice). You can also see my very favorite sweater at the moment. It's a kimono-style one-button affair. Love it. Aunt Bonnie and Aunt Dee (not pictured: Uncle Les and Uncle Bernie, and most every other relative, sorry!). Here we go, Aunt Dee and Uncle Bernie and their twin granddaughters, Riley & Kendall. Me, Maggie, Grandma Margaret, and my Dad.
Anyway, that was Christmas in Seattle. We had a great time getting to visit with everyone we did, and are still sad that we didn't get to see Sean & Becky and boys, and the Davidsons et al.

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