January 9, 2008

Wet Cat

No, Maggie didn't put Blitz in the toilet, we had to give him a bath. Poor "teetat", as Maggie says. The darn thing has become a flea bag. Even after having a new treatment of Frontline and being inside only for the 2 weeks we were gone for Christmas, he STILL had fleas, so in the tub he went! Blitz will be 4 in May, and this was his first bath. It actually went pretty well for having to get him soaking wet to the skin (and he has as much hair as a persian), coat him in flea shampoo, and keep him in the tub coated in the shampoo for 5 minutes before rinsing him out completely. He only bit Tyler hard enough to draw blood once, and that was when I came at him with the hair dryer after the bath to help him dry.

You will note the "I hate you" look on his face.
I guess it's true that cats have a short memory, because about an hour later he came up to cuddle with us on the couch. Let's just say I am not looking forward to the hairballs that are sure to come of this! All he's done all night is lick his wet fur.

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kimi said...

there is nothing funnier than a wet cat. gotta love that!