January 6, 2008

Oh, the bags we have

I snapped this shot of the needle from the freeway as we headed to the airport.
So, on the way to Phoenix to start our crazy holiday, Tyler complained about the fact that we had 4 bags - one of each of us and one for gifts. Ha! Little did he know that on the way home we'd have 6 totally full bags! I had left two empty bags at my mom's when I was up for Kim's wedding, a little insurance policy for Christmas.

Here we are at the airport with our six bags, 2 carry-ons, stroller, car seat and my purse. We managed to find a smart-cart in the parking garage so we didn't have to pay to rent one for the 15 minutes it takes to walk from the car to the Southwest ticket counter an wait in line. It was really nice, but at this point we just suck it up and rent one each time. It makes everything so much easier! Additionally, having a mother-in-law who likes to help us at the airport also makes it easier.
No picture, but a tradition we have at SeaTac is to always get lunch (or dinner) at the Ivar's stand. Best fish 'n chips you'll ever eat!

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