January 18, 2008

Ok - New Pictures of Maggie

As I type, Maggie is sleeping, I finished everything else I needed to do on the computer, and I am ignoring everything else in the house that needs attention, so please enjoy! =) I know, posting on my blog is not a chore, it is a fun thing, but I've gotten so behind!

Some new pictures, since it's been a while. Her hair is still growing, and finally starting to thicken up! Here we are with her wispy hair sticking out and those big beautiful eyes...Here we are the next second making faces at the camera. She must get that from her dad!
Thursdays I watch Zayli. I had errands to run with the girls, so I asked for her car seat. This is how Seth brought her in. I made him stand there for just a second so I could grab my camera.

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