January 6, 2008

Stupid Tree!

After being gone for 2 weeks and not watering the Christmas tree I knew it would be dead, but I didn't know it would be THIS dead. Saturday we got the remnants of our suitcases unpacked, organized and put away, and I also got all the Christmas decorations put away. Most of my Christmas stuff is for the tree, so I had to deal with the crispy tree.

The simple act of removing an ornament caused untold numbers of needles to litter the carpet. I refused to take off the lights in the living room, so I did it on the front porch. It was a good thing, too - check out the pile of needles and bare tree!


kimi said...

I can beat you, but I didn't take pictures. we're switching to a fake.

Gaga said...

I know it's really not a contest, but I think I might have you all beat!