January 18, 2008

You will note a change:

I changed my flowers blog from Melissa's Flowers to Melissa Marie Floral Design. I changed my business name from As You Wish to Melissa's Flowers on Monday, but after I got my new business license, I had a change of heart and I'm now going with Melissa Marie...

This means that the website address of my flowers blog is now:
www.melissamariefloraldesign.blogspot.com. Please note this change if you have it saved in your favorites or as a link on your page. Sorry for the hassle, I just want all my business stuff to be consistent. And, if you want my business email, it is melissamariefloraldesign@gmail.com.

Also, sorry for the lack of posts. I've been doing a lot of stuff for my flowers business, and it's eating up all the time I have on the computer. I will resume posting pictures of Maggie shortly!

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