June 24, 2009

10th Anniversary Getaway

Last weekend Tyler and I went to Chattanooga and Atlanta for our anniversary. It was awesome! Tyler's boss, Carl, let us stay in his brand new, perfectly decorated condo in Chattanooga. We had dinner Friday night in Chattanooga - St. John's - I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who wants a gourmet dining experience. Every bite was so amazing, it was the biggest, best party in my mouth ever. I wish I had taken a picture of my dinner - Kobe beef steak - so I could remember it forever.

Saturday we went to Atlanta. A trip to IKEA, Trader Joe's (bought 9 bottles of wine for $45 - yay!), the Cake Art Party Store (that was my call, Tyler was so kind to accommodate me, anoter post on that is coming) and dinner at Fleming's. Delicious!
Giving the dog statue a high-five. I guess the thing to do when you stay at Carl's condo is to sit on the deck and count how many runners/walkers high-five the dog that sits at the entrance to the walking bridge.
The condo was on the second floor of this building. Directly below: ice cream and coffee shop. The parking garage smelled like waffle cones baking, it was heavenly! The condo is at the best place in town: a block or two up from the aquarium and all the fun in downtown Chattanooga, and right in front of the building entrance is the bridge to the other side of the river, and another bridge over to the Art District. Gorgeous!
Here we are with our iced coffees in a beautiful garden in the Art District.
Tyler at the Good Dog. It's across the Tennessee River from the condo. Amazing hot dogs, I recommend the BBQ dog. And a fun way to end our trip and celebrate Father's Day, too. The anniversary overtook Father's Day this year, but he still got a good gift out of the whole deal: a new lawnmower. Of course, it also counts as his birthday.
It was a really nice little trip for the two of us. Maybe next year we'll do something spectacular, like go to Italy. We'll see.


Melea said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! That first picture of you both at dinner is a great pic of both of you!

Janet Yates said...

That looks so so fun! I'm glad you had such a great trip. I miss you guys and think of you and pray for you often.

LA girl said...

oh this is a really fun post. i guess i haven't checked your blog for a week or so.

i'm missing you. savannah is missing maggie. come back home.

i've given up capital letters for lent.