June 28, 2009

Some notes about a certain aspect of our 10th anniversary getaway

This is Tyler here. I don't post much but I wanted to add a little something from our 10th anniversary trip to Chatty, TN and Hotlanta, GA last week. Melissa had to go to the cake store (as she mentioned in a previous post). So, I obliged, imagining this is what it's like for her when I go to Best Buy. I hear this the premier cake decorating shop in the country (it may be the only one -- who knows). Anyway, let me show you a few "decorations" this place has to offer.

Item #1:

In case you couldn't read the label, I put the two packages together and took a close up. Did you catch that? Who wouldn't enjoy a cake with 144 white and 144 black babies on it, huh? Nothin' like a little enlightened diversity on your baby cake. And let me tell you, as a side note, 288 ethnically diverse babies always add a little spice to that dull cake you are used to eating.

Item #2:

Hot hot hula girls! Clothing optional. However, like the babies even these poor girls have been carefully segregated. Affirmative action hasn't reached the cake girl world yet. If you aren't a leg man, don't worry, they included the girl on the right on the second picture with just the torso.

Item #3:

I don't want to leave the ladies out on this post. Here's your Ken doll party cake topper! Wait, why isn't he clothing optional? Sometimes there just isn't justice in the world, sorry ladies.

Item #4:

Only in the South. Need I say more?

Item #5:

The consummate cake topper shopper. Notice the seriousness of the eyes, like a hawk searching for its prey. No time for idle chit-chat this cake artist, she's on a mission. One must be swift and certain to make sure that the super black food coloring lands in the basket first so that the black and white babies don't get smashed.


Heather said...

Tyler, you really need to post more often, because this is hilarious.

Rowland Family said...

I love this perspective - thanks Tyler!

LA girl said...

Tyler, I laughed so hard that I cried. I couldn't even look up to read the next section because I was crying so hard.