June 13, 2009

Play Time With Daddy

Maggie LOVES LOVES LOVES play time with Daddy. He does so many different, fun things than boring old Mommy. They "play sleeping" - Maggie puts Daddy down for a nap (and more often than not Tyler is able to sneak in a cat nap before she wakes him back up), they play swords with sticks outside, and recently Tyler taught Maggie how to pretend doing the following:
-hunt for a deer
-shoot it with her stick rifle
-haul the carcass
-cut it up
-prepare a fire
-roast some meat on the stick
-eat the meat off the stick
She acted out this entire scenario for me Thursday evening with Daddy. I about died with laughter it was so funny!!! She was so serious about the whole thing, I don't know if she will do it all for the camera... we'll see.

This week he put up the tent in the back yard. Maggie thinks it is the best thing since sliced bread. We invited the neighbor boy over today, and they played in it until they almost sweated to death! Daddy and Maggie are planning to sleep in it overnight at some point, but we'll see about that. Tyler will have to run an extension cord from the shed to the tent and put a fan in there, otherwise it will be too darn hot to sleep in.
After playing in the tent for a while, Maggie wanted to play Sleeping Beauty. Here she is Prince Phillip - using Daddy's t-shirt as her cape. I assure you Tyler was not wearing her shirt, and he was not Aurora. I believe Maggie said he had to be the dragon (Malificent). Like I said, Daddy is so much more fun than Mommy, look at the smile on her face!

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