June 13, 2009

So Loving These New Shoes

With Maggie's recent growth spurt she needed some new shoes. First her tennis shoes didn't fit, then her dress shoes, then I noticed her feet almost hanging off the front and back of the flip-flops I got her for Valentine's Day. So early this week we went to Target for new shoes. Here are the tennis shoe replacements. I totally love their retro design. Maggie probably won't wear them a lot this summer at home, but they'll get plenty of use on our trip to Seattle I'm sure - we are so used to the heat now that 70 degrees is chilly. Daddy put these on her for play time the other day, and was thoughtful enough to pick out the beaded socks that matched the shoes. Go Tyler!

1 comment:

Laine said...

So cute and pretty shoes for little one's feet!! I like their design!!