June 17, 2009

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Saturday night we went to a Nashville Sounds game (minor league). So much fun!

Playing on the bouncy slide before the game, free for the kids. We went with the Dunns and Maggie was so happy that Nyah was there to play with her (Maggie on the left, Nyah on the far right).

Toward the end of the game. They went into one inning of overtime, then -
Fireworks! I think I've figured out the timing with the "fireworks" feature on my camera, but at any rate these ones turned out wonderfully!!!

Maggie really liked the fireworks, even though you can't tell from the picture. At the end they had some that sounded like cannonballs, and she even kept it together through those.


Melea said...

We love going to Sounds games! So fun! That's a great shot of Tyler and Maggie watching the fireworks.

angie said...

Wow...looks like the Sounds had a big crowd that night! We have having Brantley's birthday party at a Sounds game this year. He's so excited about throwing out the first pitch.