June 11, 2009

Remember how I said "undiagnosed health problems"...

Well - they are now diagnosed. Praise the Lord! We found out today that Tyler has a weak lower esophageal gastric sphincter. The sphincter, or valve, doesn't stay shut like it is supposed to and has been the cause of really bad reflux and constant stomach/chest pain for quite some time. We are so relieved that his endoscopy gave us definite answers and his pain is not from an ulcer, hiatal hernia or cancer. We didn't really think about cancer until this morning. OK - I am the one that thought it might be cancer and shared my fear with Tyler as we were in the hospital room getting ready for his endoscopy; not great timing, I know. It has been an eventful year for Tyler, let's hope and pray this is the beginning of a long period of health and wellness.

In the immediate term he is on a medication that will lessen his production of stomach acid so that his reflux will not be so painful and not erode his esophagus. There are some lifestyle changes that have to take place, too. Our hope is that those changes we make will allow him to get off the medication at some point soon in the future. Surgery is a possibility, but we will only go that route as a last resort if the rest of the changes we make and the medication don't help.

Anyway, that's the update on Tyler's health.

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Janet Yates said...

I'm glad to hear what's been going on! I hope he gets better soon and can be off the meds.