January 24, 2010

Also when it snows, it's a good time for light sabers

We have several Star Wars games for the Wii. Tyler and Maggie play them quite a bit! For Christmas he got light saber attachments for the joysticks. In this shot, Maggie is "shocking" Tyler's character (you can see he is holding both of the nunchuks, controlling hers when it's her turn).

The light sabers light up, too, so most of the time they start out having a sword fight in her bedroom or bathroom with the lights off, then they get on the Wii and duke it out with their sabers and the ability to use the force.

Tyler has often remarked that Maggie's love of Star Wars will make her every geek's dream. That's fine, but I plan on purchasing my own shot gun by the time she is 10.

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