January 24, 2010

Getting there!

Last week it has been raining for several days by the time Saturday rolled around and we could check out the house. The driveway had not been poured, so the dirt was just a field of thick mud. We didn't dare brave the mud, so we just gazed at the house for a while and turned back.

Today when we drove up: driveway, patio and front steps were poured this week. The garage door looks great, too!
The patio has been poured. This is the view from the wrap-around corner. I am going to put a chair and little table in this little nook, so I can have my coffee there in the mornings. Oh, wait. That would mean I'd have to look presentable. Nevermind.
Maggie and Tyler on the front patio.
The light fixture in the dining room, which I am so loving! Painters were working today, so you can see the color of the walls. We picked the darkest color they had, which is really just a shade of off-white, but it's better than white. The paint on the walls helps me see everything better, too. I was drawing a blank on the custom painting we'll be doing, but now that I see everything a little better, I think it will be ok.
The fireplace and mantle. Looking good! I wonder if I get to keep that "heatilator" cardboard cover up when it's finished? It's such a nice touch, it will blend nicely with the new TV.
THE KITCHEN!!! I am so loving the extra tall cabinets and their extra storage. Just amazing. The countertops are covered in dust and dirt, but I promise they look really great. Same with the linoleum. We still need to pick out a fridge - better put that on my to-do list!

The bathroom cabinetry was also in, and all the faucets, the shelving in the closets, and my laundry sink. Everything is coming together so nicely. Our close date got bumped back by a week from 2/5 to 2/12, but we should be moved in before the lease on our apartment is up.

Dancing for joy!

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