January 24, 2010

because Starbucks is the place to be when it snows

We got back from our Christmas trip to Seattle and were greeted by super cold temperatures! I've lived in the South long enough that cold weather is a problem now... then it snowed. The entire mid-state area shut down for just a spitting of snow. This is about the extent of the snow. The next morning the ground and pavement was just barely covered.Well, my knee has kept me pretty house-bound, and with the cold Maggie couldn't play outside, so on Saturday Tyler decided we needed to get out of the house. Where to go when it is "snowing"?

Starbucks! He even let Maggie leave the house with her princess dress on.
Maggie is probably laughing at the fact that she got to wear her dress-up clothes in public, have a hot chocolate and that she walked over to a group of college girls sitting and talked their ears off for about 20 minutes. They were kind enough to entertain her.

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