January 31, 2010

Mommy, I'm Four!

Those were the first words out of Maggie's mouth the morning of her birthday (Wednesday). So sweet! Here's the birthday girl right after she woke up.
I couldn't wait for the short time between dinner and going to AWANA to open her presents, so this year we all got up (Tyler's parents came for her birthday) so she could do her presents in the morning. Tyler and I got her a bicycle for her birthday. Can you see the theme yet? {Hello Kitty}
She was excited for the bicycle for a couple of minutes, until she saw the new baton we got her to replace one that had been broken. Then she saw nothing but her baton.Before the excitement wore off, she took it for a quick spin around our living room.
Gifts from my parents showed up for her with the mail and UPS during the day. Tyler took off work early so she ended up having plenty of time to open those gifts before we went to AWANA. I love the look on her face here. She had such a great time opening up all her presents. Each one was greeted with an "Oh!" or "Oh, wow. I love it!" or "Wow, mom, this is great!"
I know I've watched Maggie grow from the infant we brought home from the hospital to the little girl she is today, but WOW. Here she is just moments after birth.
Maggie, from the time I first found out you were growing in my tummy, to your "grand" entrance, I've loved you more than just about anything else on this planet. And I and your daddy continue to love you more and more as you grow into the little person you are becoming. We aren't perfect, we will not raise you perfectly, but our greatest hope is that you will one day come to love the God we serve with all our hearts, and that you will do the same. My beautiful girl, I love you more than you can ever know, and that is just a trifle compared with how much God loves you. Don't forget your AWANA memory verse: "God loved us and sent His Son."

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Janet Yates said...

Oh that picture of her when she was born!!! I love it. Happy Birthday, Maggie from the Yates. I guess now that she's four we really can't call her Baby Maggie anymore. Your cake pops are AWESOME!!!