January 4, 2010

Crazy Christmas - DeWaards

Maggie getting ready to open her gifts. Here's my Dad and Sylvia.
Poppy and Mimi got Maggie this ENORMOUS stuffed tiger. She, of course, fell in love with it immediately and named it Puntzel. Not Rapunzel, we checked. Puntzel. We had to buy and additional duffel bag to get that beast home. She asked MANY times on the plane ride home where he was, and if he was OK.
Poppy helping Maggie with her new Barbie fishing pole! I hope we are able to make a couple of trips to Center Hill Lake this summer to go fishing.
Later that evening we met up at my Uncle Dick's for dinner with him, son Jack and wife Brooke, and their two kids Oliver and Sonja, Dad & Sylvia, my aunt Kim and Grandma Margaret. Oliver and Maggie ran back and forth all night!
Here Maggie drew Poppy as a king.
Oliver and Sonja with Grandma.
This spectacular view brought to you by Uncle Les and Aunt Bonnie in Oak Harbor, Washington. Their house sits near the edge of a cliff just outside Oak Harbor. It's one of the most beautiful places in the world!
Kendall, Maggie and Riley got right to work decorating this big sheet of paper Sunday afternoon at the DeWaard Christmas and Seafood Extravaganza. Kendall and Riley are twins, about 10 weeks younger than Maggie.
Margaret and Grandma Margaret. I can tell from the way Maggie's head is cocked that she was telling Grandma something "very important!"
...my leg enjoying the family Christmas... (really, I just had to sit down because I ate WAY too much seafood and goodies!)
More shots of the family.
Maggie took a short nap at Aunt Bonnie's before we did the gift exchange. The nap was not quite long enough, she stayed firmly planted in my lap for some time with her lamb.

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