January 4, 2010

Crazy Christmas - Joneses

These next posts will be grouped by family... so here we are at my mom's. Additionally, I apologize for the quality of my photos. My knee keeps me from popping up and getting better shots, so they are just taken form

My mom and I have decorated sugar cookies at Christmas for a long time, and it is so fun that Maggie likes to do it with us now. Mom baked a batch of cookies for us to decorate to speed up the process since we were so pressed for time. Here they are mixing up the frosting.
How I decorated cookies, with my leg propped up and my ice wrap machine strapped firmly to my knee. My mom made me wear that apron to keep the frosting off my shirt. Like I'm NOT almost 32, live on my own, pay my own bills and have birthed a child. Love you, Mom!
Working those sprinkles!
The final, chaotic end result. So much fun!
Relaxing with her Daddy. We forgot her sippy cup, so she got to use that cute travel mug. Takes after her mama that way.
Enjoying a Starbucks hot chocolate one morning. When in Rome...
The table set for Christmas Eve dinner. We've done it hors d'ouvres style for as long as I can remember.
Breaking out the naughty-face for my camera. This is right before we ate Christmas Eve dinner at my mom's.
Posing by the tree right before we opened gifts.
Checking out the bag with her name clearly written on it. She was a little upset earlier in the week because she didn't see her name on anything else and thought she wasn't getting very many presents. Not to worry Maggie! The presents ratio was about 2:1 in Maggie's favor.
Not a good-quality picture, but still amazingly sweet. She sure loves her Daddy!
Maggie tore through gifts like there was no tomorrow. She liked looking at everything, and wanted to play with each item (if it was a toy) right away. When she was done she'd say "Where's my other gift?" The reminder that Jesus' birth was the most important thing on Christmas was not soaking in at this point.
Maggie sat and talked to Great-Grandpa DeHoog on Christmas day for quite some time! I think my mom was there to interpret/explain some of her more random thoughts - they pop up quite frequently!

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