January 4, 2010

Crazy Christmas 2009 - The Date Book

This year we went to Seattle for Christmas. Two things are guaranteed when we do this:
1) It is incredibly busy from the time we step off the plane until we get back on
2) We get to spend almost 2 full weeks celebrating Christmas!

Our schedule was so crazy, I am writing it down for posterity.
Saturday - our own little Christmas with Maggie at home then on the plane to Seattle

Sunday - Christmas party with old family friends the Wilson, Hill, Mays and Spaid families

Monday - Pacific Northwest Ballet's Nutcracker with Gramma Amron, Aunt Tara, Alexis, Maggie and me, Dinner at the Spaids

Tuesday - finished my Christmas shopping, wrapped gifts, etc.

Wednesday - wrapped gifts, Christmas party with our cousins Paul & Loretta and their 4 boys at Tyler's parents

Thursday - Christmas Eve dinner and presents at my mom's

Friday - Merry Christmas!!! Stockings at my mom's, then off to the Spaids for presents, breakfast and stockings, then off to my mom's family Christmas

Saturday - some day-after-Christmas shopping, then up to my aunt's house to see my Dad & Sylvia to do gifts with them, additionally a dinner at my uncle's to see more cousins and Grandma Margaret

Sunday - to my other aunt's house for the DeWaard family Christmas party, lots of aunts, uncles cousins and their kiddos

Monday - breakfast at the Spaids to say good-bye to Aunt Tara, Uncle Alex, Alexis and Gabby. Maggie was devastated they were leaving! More post-Christmas shopping...

Tuesday - chucked everything into our luggage and moved over to Tyler's parents house from my mom's house

Wednesday - Went to Mormor & Hilmer's for lunch (Tyler's mom's mom & husband).

Thursday - some shopping, PACKING!!!, and lunch at Chaiyo, our very favorite Thai restaurant on the planet.

Friday - lightest day of traffic EVER in Seattle, got to the airport in record time. It took all day to fly home to Nashville. In order to avoid the higher fares and stops in wintry cities, we had 2 stops to make along the way.

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