January 6, 2010

We've got brick and drywall!

Look it! Can't wait until the rest of the front is completed. Just imagine the driveway, green lawn and landscaping, brick steps up to the porch, white posts and rails... somebody get me a white rocking chair!
Saturday we got up and headed out to the house to see the progress. It was so exciting to drive down the road and realize that the house we were seeing from afar is nearly ours! This visit was the first time I could walk through the house - there were actual stairs into the house from the garage instead of the single 2x6 plank ramp that had been up for several weeks before we left for our Christmas trip. There was no way I was going to try to walk up the 2x6 on crutches with a bum knee before, so this visit was a real treat for me.

I was completely overwhelmed with what an amazing blessing this house is to us when we got upstairs and walked through the bedrooms - I spent several minutes crying with happiness and thankfulness (I know, poor Tyler. I am so emotional!).

The living room from the front door. Very excited about the fireplace, especially since right now it's about 20 degrees here in Nashville and it will probably still be cold when we move in.
Here's the view from the kitchen into the dining area, stairs going upstairs.
And here is the view of the kitchen from the dining area, living room to the right. You see that silver circle in the upper middle of that back wall? That my external fan vent over the stove. I cannot tell you how happy that vent makes me. Now I can cook all the stinky garlic and onions and curry and Thai that I want. Oh wait, I already do that. Or, more accurately, did that before I tore my ACL. I feel sorry for the apartment that backs up to our kitchen... Now I can stink up the neighborhood!
We'll be heading back out this weekend to check it out some more, and more pictures to come!

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