January 31, 2010

Her Party Was On a Snow Delay

On Friday the South was hit with a really bad snow and ice storm. Northern friends, you go ahead and laugh at the 3 inches that brought Tennessee to a standstill, but the freezing rain that blew in after the 3 inches was a doozy! We were completely iced in under 3 inches of nearly solid ice disguised as sweet, beautiful snow, until Saturday afternoon. Her party was supposed to be Saturday at 11, but we changed it to Sunday at 3:30. Thankfully the sun came out blazing Sunday morning and turned most of the icy roads to slush, and some places were bare and dry when we went out to check on the house progress (no pictures, I forgot the camera, but the site agent wasn't there and the doors were locked).

Anyway, this afternoon we had her party.

I saw these cake pops on a blog I read, Bakerella, about a month after Maggie's 3rd birthday. I always wanted to do a Hello Kitty birthday, and these cake pops sealed the deal. Although Tyler and his parents looked at me like I had gone bonkers when I was making them (they are not difficult, they just require a lot of time and attention to detail), I loved every minute of it. I love making a big deal out of Maggie's birthday because I want her to know just how special she is to me. Her parties are just my thing, I guess, that I love to do for her. Do you see the BOY Hello Kitty I made?Here's the birthday girl and her Hello Kitty bow cake. She informed me earlier in the week that a candle wouldn't sit on a cake pop. So on top of the cake pops, I made a cake. I know, I'm full of crazy!
The party scene. The living room had pink and white streamers. The big mess in the middle of the picture are a bunch of swirly flags on sticks that were part of the party favors. I got them on clearance this past fall at the grocery store for 50 cents each! What a great deal!
My mom sent us some candy-necklace making kits for her party. The girls worked on them while we watched some Hello Kitty cartoons.

Here are the girls: Nyah, Maggie, Aubrey and Zayli. In dress-up clothes, of course!
We played Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty. Here's Maggie checking out how she did on the game. Boy did she cry and pitch a fit when she saw that she had not gotten it right on the bow. Didn't see that one coming!!! She just about had some discipline coming her way during her party for that fit, I could barely get her settled down. Once she saw the other girls go she was OK.
Nyah won that one though I neglected to have some sort of prize for the winner. Oops!
The girls were a little too young to "get" the dinner I made. It was all cat-food-type foods: chicken nuggets, kitten chow (tater tots), goldfish and catnip (broccoli). We are short on space and chairs in our apartment, so the girls ate dinner on the floor. Not classy, but they didn't mind. There wasn't room in the living room for them, either. Tyler was playing Star Wars Wii games with Seth and Jamin.
Biting into those delicious cake pops!
The guys biting into the cake pops. I made 42 pops, sent 3 home with the girls, and there are less than a dozen pops left on the table now. We ate a LOT of cake pops!
I somehow captured this face of Tyler's as he was eating a piece of the bow cake. I promise, it was not a gross cake. He just refuses to smile for my camera.
Maggie had a great time at her party, and was so sad when everyone had to go home. She's already asked for a princess birthday party for next year but I think I'll delay working on it until AFTER we move into our new house!

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Melea said...

Oh my goodness! I love those hello kitty pops! And they turned out exactly the way you showed us online. What a fun party for little girls!