January 4, 2010

Crazy Christmas - Spaids

Sunday afternoon we met the fam at the Wilson's for a late lunch. Maggie and Alexis were inseparable. When they first saw each other their faces lit up and it was so sweet!
The Tres Amigas. They played dress-up constantly! So cute!
They even had their own table for meal time. That worked out pretty well until one of them was done eating and got up. The other girls would then barely eat until they were allowed to be excused so they could play, too.
Maggie got to sleep over two nights with her cousins. I think it was a little overwhelming to Maggie, she had a hard time the next morning.
Monday morning we got in line for a Santa picture at the local mall. He is just the best looking Santa (cute, and elfish; not good-looking in the way that George Clooney is good looking!), and such a sweet man. Maggie and Alexis had their first Santa picture with him 3 years ago. Anyway, we didn't get there in time to make it through the line before he went to lunch and we had to leave for the Nutcracker... here are the girls in their Christmas dresses posed at the back of Santa's workshop.
In the car, on the way. Those girls were so excited!
Being so sweet to each other before the ballet started.
Sitting in our seats. Both girls sat in rapt attention for the ENTIRE ballet. At intermission they both asked if it was over or if they were going to watch it again. It was well past Maggie's nap by then, but she made it through the whole thing.
The opening screen for the Nutcracker. The entire set was designed by Maurice Sendak, of Where the Wild Things Are fame. It was simply enchanting. We weren't allowed to photograph the actual ballet performance, which is too bad. I highly recommend that everyone go to see it at least once!
Wednesday night we got to see Tyler's cousins Loretta & Paul and their 4 boys. It was so much fun to see them all again! Love you, Davidsons!!!
I stole this photo off Tara's blog. I read two Christmas stories to the girls before we opened presents.
Christmas morning at the Spaids. The girls huddled around Gramma like baby birds waiting for the worm. Each gift was received with joy and "where's my other present?"
The girls in their matching PJ's.
...my leg enjoying Christmas morning...
Unfortunately, this picture was taken on Christmas morning. All the traveling, short nights and short naps, new and unfamiliar faces and places took their toll on Maggie. I think she just wanted to cuddle up with her lamb and take a breather once she opened up all her presents.
Here we are after breakfast opening our stockings from Gramma Amron.
Playing "Go Fish" with Daddy and Lucy at Mormor's house. She loves that game, and learned how to play in the first hand.
Checking out Hilmer's project plane in his garage. She thought that was pretty neat!

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